Bill Bevan was born in Northumberland, England, in 1964 and moved south to Sheffield for the climate - and to study at the Department of Archaeology - in 1991. Bill is an archaeologist and photographer as well as a writer. He has written a number of books about the archaeology of the Peak District and numerous academic papers about the Iron Age. His photographs of archaeology and archaeologists have been exhibited in museums and art galleries. Bill has travelled in Britain, Ireland, Central America, South East Asia and Sri Lanka photographing ancient sites.

As a DJ under the name Unity Dub he played in the UK, Portugal, Greece, Australia and Zanzibar. His most memorable set was in Zambia for the 2001 solar eclipse. Bill has a DJ set on Liquid Sound Records called Unity Dub's Voyage Into Paradise.

You can contact me via the online contact form, email hi[at]billbevanphotography.co.uk or tel +44 (0)114 2345411.