09th September 2007
Bill has just returned from a week-long photo-shoot at Stonehenge, both inside the monument and alongside archaeologists working on the Stonehenge Riverside Project.

Unprecedented access to Stonehenge both before and after public opening hours, including both sunrise and sunset, was granted by English Heritage.

This will lead to the production of at least two artworks over the next year. One is to a series of black and white prints for an exhibition called Stonehenge - an intimate portrait. The second is Stonehenge - a visual poem which will present a number of colour images as a multimedia exhibition on a screen to represent the sense of place and scale of the monument and the relationships it has with the people who work or visit there.

Access was also granted by the Riverside archaeology team to their excavations. Bill is interested in showing how archaeologists work on-site, including the brief deposition of tools to mimic the ancient tool deposits they excavate, the repetitive nature of excavation and the notions of time and space archaeologists interpret in the past.

At least one or part of these exhibitions will be displayed at an exhibition to be held next year to coincide with the fifth year of excavations on the Riverside Project.