Tikal was one of the biggest and most influential in its day, though not the biggest. What really makes Tikal are the six dramatic pyramid temples that soar above the forest canopy, Temple 4 is the highest at 70 metres and from here you can see jungle as far as every horizon, look down on mighty rainforest trees, watch branches and trees shake to the swinging and clambering of spider monkey foraging for fruit, follow parrots, toucans, vultures and hawks flutter, swoop, soar and glide above the trees. There are few rainforests in the world with such majestic and high viewing platforms.

Sunsets can be of a large dark red fiery disc, fractured by fingers of cloud, that sinks lazily towards the horizon. Flocks of green parrots squawk their way from one tree to another in search of a roost. Darkness and silence descend with it.

Sunrise is a gentle, gradual lightening of promise for a new day. As half light burrows into the shadows, the jungle begins to awake. First the howler monkeys let out their loud roars stating they are here, that others should not invade their tree-top territories. Branches bend to the first spider monkeys searching for food, toucans flit to the tops of fruit trees.

Dawn goes through a slow blending of grey, yellow and orange hues. The bright oranges and pinks give away to misty whites and diluted golds and then the sun climbs above the cloud and the jungle shimmers like a sea, the temples like majestic sailing ships waiting to set sail.
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