Walk Into Prehistory Scotland

04th July 2010

Bill has just returned from 17 amazing days touring around Scotland to work on Walk Into Prehistory. Starting and ending at Kilmartin Glen, Bill undertook a massive circuit of the country that took in Aberdeenshire, Inverness, Caithness, Orkney, Lewis and Glenelg, as well as returning to one of his childhood haunts - Skye - along the way.

The weather was variable and often mostly cloudy, but when the cloud cover broke the lighting was usually very dramatic. Bill was lucky to have the opportunity to photograph in evening light after rain, while rainbows formed over standing stones and during some amazing sunsets. He also had to fight clouds of midges, his camera bag disappearing down a mountain side and early valley-floor shadows to complete the Scottish leg of the book.

There are a few sneak previews of some of his Scottish images in the Walk Into Prehistory gallery.